Wreck snorkeling Marshall Islands

After 5 days around Majuro sorting out a few things, and dropping off our crew (yeaah ha, has been a long two months, enough said) we headed straight out to some of the smaller islands of the main atoll. We snorkeled at Enemonit and Eneko, two very nice anchorages on the northern side of the lagoon. Enemonit had some really cool submerged wrecks and Eneko had some incredible coral and fish life. Nice to see another healthy reef, and so close to the capital of Majuro. As a bonus the very friendly marshall islands yacht club have free moorings at both spots.

We also had a lovely catch up with a boat Ca Va who had spent time with mutual friends in Tonga. What a nice couple! Robin is positive we will have a homebrew kit someday on Confederate after sampling Jody and Bruce’s dark beer… Hmm I wonder where we’ll put it.

Anyways we’re about to check weather and if all is good to go we’re making an overnight passage to Aur atoll. We’re really looking forward to getting out into the remote areas of the Marshalls. Looks like we might be able to do some kiting at Aur island, crossing fingers as it’s been way too long!

For now here’s a few shots of us snorkeling on a submerged plane and helicopter in Enemonit.

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