Landfall Louisiades

After 4 days at sea we caught our first glimpse of Papua New Guinea at 10am this morning. Exciting times ahead.

Highlights of the passage
* A spectacular light show made by dolphins jumping through phosphorescence. Magic.
* Hearing the election results via SSB radio – good to still feel a bit connected to the outside world!
* Picking up hitchhikers (two birds who decided Confederate looked like nice digs for the night. They stayed clinging onto the deck for about 8 hours).

* Aforementioned hitchhikers were not house-trained and decided to shit the night away, all over the boat. It smelt like a pet shop until it rained the next day.

Looking forward to some kitesurfing and village life in the Louisiades! We have brought a whole lot of supplies for trading recommended to us by friends aboard Sikkim who were here earlier in the year – so hopefully we get a good welcome. More updates from PNG to come.

Update from Hoba Bay – 11 deg 09.2’ S, 152 deg 46.7’ E.

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  1. Janne Wills /

    Hi Anna & Robin!

    Finally I’ve had a few minutes to catch up on your recent travels and gorgeous photos. My favourite is the one of the large bird (is is an albatross?) perched on the side of the boat with the amazing red sunset behind. Am enjoying the photos of the locals too, especially the children.

    I had a super dinner and evening at Sally & Tim’s last Saturday with the Torrances and Wards and Vicki. Delicious meal as usual and lots of good chatter. I’m hoping the weather and everything else is on track for Sarah Gumbley’s wedding – looking forward to hearing about it from Sally.

    I have friends coming for dinner tomorrow night so will be busy shopping tonight and preparing food/cleaning tomorrow! It’s always worth it once the meal is on the table but a lot can go wrong in the meantime! I’m off to Whangamata for Labour Weekend which is the following weekend and then it’s November, which is super scary.

    I still (& and will for a long time) think back to our time with you in Phili. It was a real standout experience in my life and one I’m so grateful to have had. It was a “brave” venue but perfect.

    Happy days and love to you both
    Janne xo

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