• Kenutu Island – Number 1 Anchorage in Vavau

    One our favourite anchorages in Tonga is Kenutu. This island on the more remote Eastern side of the Vavau group has an incredible isolated “edge of the world” feeling. There’s been a few spots like this around Tonga but note others with an incredible sandbank for kitesurfing a short dingy ride away. Here are some pictures taken from the top of the mast as we weaved our way through coral reefs. Oh yeah and on the outside of the reef is where I snorekelled with my first tiger shark. Thankfully it was catching some zzz’s on the sandy bottom of the lagoon. While these incredible moments are what we are loving about his trip I didn’t feel like I needed to stick around until it woke up. In fact Robin said he’d never seen me swim so fast back to the dingy. Congrats Kenutu for being our #1 spot in the Vava’u group.