A Confederate Update

It’s been a while since we shared on the blog and there’s a few reasons for this, but just to let everyone know we are still sailing, Confederate is based in the Philippines for the foreseeable future and we are enjoying exploring a country we have seen a lot by land, but not by sea.

The things keeping us busy now are…..

1)   Looking after our new crew member who is now 14 months old, Josh Dawson.



2)   In planning an awareness campaign in the Philippines on the issue of PLASTIC IN OUR OCEANS.

Since we know you all care heaps about the ocean I would be hugely grateful if you had a look at my crowd-funding website for this project. It’s such a good cause and I’d love you to share this journey with me! https://www.pledgeme.co.nz/projects/4763-a-quest-to-reduce-ocean-plastic

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