• Farewell to Fiji

    It’s hard to say goodbye to a place you have loved and people you love, but we are excited about the trip ahead. It’s great to be back out on the water and even more fantastic to see a pod of dolphins on departure.


    New Spanish friends

    New Spanish friends from Caps III


    Waving good bye to amigos on Sikkim

    First dinner on passage

    First meal on passage with new crew Jonas


    First sunset on passage

    Sun gone

    Sun gooone

    Dolphin visitors


  • Final night in Fiji at Vuda Point

    After three months cruising in Fiji the time has come to go north!

    Cheers, salut, skal, and all that to the wonderful people we’ve met over the past few months. Drinks Vuda Point




  • The consequences of consumption

    This sombering story featured last week in the Australian press about yachtsman Ivan Macfayden who recently completed a trip from Melbourne to Osaka and then across the Northern Pacific all the way to the US. It was a trip he did 10 years before, and noted the stark contrast in fish and bird life on the trip.


    Next year a film documenting some of the sights of plastic around midway (some of the most remote islands in the world) will be screened. If you are interested in this kind of thing check out the trailer here. Stories like this are hard to watch, but need to be shared if positive change is to take place.


    MIDWAY a Message from the Gyre : a short film by Chris Jordan from Midway on Vimeo.

  • Kitesurfing in Fiji

    No photos from Fiji but some good Kite surf anchorages we found were..

    Likuri Bay near Robinson Crusoe resort – this is a super calm anchorage for the amount of wind that funnels through. The water quality isn’t as good as other spots but still fun.

    Musket Cove – set up near plantation resort or out at the sandbar just out from Musket Cove.

    Nananu-I-Ra – wind funnels through here, unfortunately we timed it very badly here. I had an assignment due so couldn’t get out for a kite, then once I’d finished the wind disappeared and we wanted to move on. We got one afternoon in on the island itself, but probably the best area was the mainland adjacent to Nananu-I-Ra which we didn’t get a chance to check out.

  • Sunset sessions

    The best thing about living on the boat is you get to watch the sunset most days. Sometimes this is on other boats, sometimes with a beer in hand, and sometimes with a quiet cuppa tea. Here’s some of our favourites (or at least some of the ones we’ve had our camera for).
















  • The Plan

    The picture below shows our itinerary for the upcoming journey. So far we’ve sailed from New Zealand to Tonga, and then Tonga to Fiji. We are looking at the trip in two stages .. Stage 1 – Fiji – Marshall Islands, and if we’re still keen to keep sailing Stage 2 – Marshall Islands to Philippines. When we left New Zealand we weren’t sure how we would feel about life on the water, but we feel great and are excited about the upcoming trip through some lesser known parts of the world. We have heard of at least 3 other boats heading to the Marshalls and met a lovely couple that have probably already started their trip north. Bring it on. Life is incredible.