Sailing Marshalls to Solomons Part II

Some more of our coordinates for boats intending to do the trip….

Time – 0700 15th July, Lat – 00 deg 30’S, Long 171 deg 38’E, Distance to go – 765nm, Wind SE(5knots), Sea 0.5m, Sailing at 4.6 knots.

Time – 0000 16th July, Lat – 01 deg 47’S, Long 171 deg 18’E, Distance to go – 686nm, Wind SE(15knots), Sea 1.0m, Sailing 5 knots.

Time – 1830 17th July, Lat – 03 deg 08’S, Long 170 deg 45’E, Distance to go – 599nm, Wind SSE(20knots), Sea 2.0m, Sailing 4.8 knots.

Time – 1430 18th July, Lat – 04 deg 29’S , Long 170 deg 30’E, Distance to go – 519nm, Wind SE(25knots), Sea 3.0m, Sailing 4.6 knots.

Time – 1530 19th July, Lat – 06 deg 07’S, Long 169 deg 51’E, Distance to go – 413nm, Wind SE(15knots), Sea 2.5m, Sailing 5 knots.

Time – 1830 20th July, Lat – 07 deg 53’S, Long 169 deg 04’E, Distance to go – 260nm, Wind SE(10knots), Sea 1.0m, Sailing 5.5 knots

Time – 1805 21st July, Lat – 09 deg 07’S, Long 167 deg 39’E, Distance to go – 148nm, Wind SE(10knots), Sea 0.5m, Sailing 5.0 knots.


A note on our course…

We stayed east for as long as possible but then we came changed course to the west once the trades picked up. This made for a more relaxed end to the trip. We set our course for about 8 nm to the west of the most northern of the Duff islands, then sailed east of the Reef islands and into Graciosa Bay on the morning of the 22nd of July. We anchored at Shaw Point opposite Lata in about 30m, good holding. We saw one other boat the whole trip near Kiribati, but a few others popped up on the AIS.

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