Sailing Marshall Islands to the Solomons – Part I

The weather has calmed down a lot today so it’s easy for me to type. We were even able to make salad burritos for lunch, sadly no fish yet. I saw two mahi mahi flying towards our lure but they didn’t take the bait so we may have to do something about that.

Here’s some exerts from the log so far.. as you can see variable conditions..

Time – 20:00 10th July, Lat – 06 deg 45′N, Long 171 deg 03′E, Distance to go – 1202nm, Wind Nil, Motor at 4.6 knots.

Time – 13:00 11th July, Lat – 5 deg 35′N, Long 171 deg 11′E, Distance to go – 1132nm, Wind SE(15knots), Sailing at 4.5 knots

Time – 10:00 12th July, Lat – 4 deg 16′N, Long 171 deg 10′E, Distance to go – 1055nm, Wind W(20knots), Sailing at 5.8 knots.

Time – NOW 15:00 13th July, Lat – 2 deg 16′N Long 171 deg 33′E, Distance to go – 934nm, Wind W(5knots), Sailing at 1.8 knots!!
That’s why it’s easy for me to type out this email, but we’ve just turned on the motor as we’re excited for the country that awaits us over the horizon.

The wind should be more consistent once we get south of the equator and into the South Easterly trade winds.

We’ll send another update then!

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