Passage Fiji to Tuvalu

We’re at the half way mark of the trip now and all is going great. Early on the 2nd day, with Fiji still in the distance we caught our biggest tuna. It was so big that the three of us couldn’t possibly have eaten it all, so we released the poor lil guy back into the ocean. Incidentally, we met a lady on the west coast of the south island who had been white baiting for many years. She told us that whenever they go out whitebaiting they always throw the first catch back, as an offering to the sea, and in turn the rest of the fishing is fruitful. She must be onto something as about 15 minutes after we’d thrown the tuna back we had pulled a really good sized wahoo on board. This is one of the best fish for eating in the area – whoop! So that has kept us full for the last couple of days with pan seared fish and salad, and fish burritos on the menu.

Robin was on the sunrise watch this morning and he woke me early to see a pod of around 10 dolphins swimming off the bow. They joined us for quite a while, playing in the waves. With a beautiful sunrise in the distance it’s fair to say that it was an incredible way to start to the day.

On night watch phosphorescence skidded across the sides of the boat, the stars were out, and the occasional cloud showed lightening in the distance.

Jonas our Italian crew is settling in well. There is talk of carbonara for dinner tonight, and he’s been helping me work on rolling my ‘rrrs’ so I can speak like an italiana or espanola!

The only thing missing from this trip so far is the WIND! The wind has ranged from 5-15 knots but generally we’ve been traveling slower than what we are used to. As we get closer to the equator it’s getting hotter and we took a dip over the side yesterday in the bluest of blue water. The clarity is ridiculous.

That’s all for now, here’s a few (low res) pics of life onboard during an ocean passage..

Fish Day One Wahoo fillets

Fish Day One Wahoo fillets


Sunset over ocean


And another


Waiting for the rain


Bit of evening reading

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