Moonlight and music

Life is slowly returning to its normal flow after our dingy mishap. We now have a second hand dingy with a great set of oars and are kinda enjoying rowing around – well maybe I’m enjoying it more than Robin who is paddling most of the time. Fellow Kiwis off Siguera refered to me as “Lady Muck” the other day. Oops.

We are now on a mooring in Enamonit, only an hour from the capital from Majuro, but in reality a world away. The development in the Marshalls really is confined to a narrow strip of amenities in both Majuro, and, we hear, Ebeye. Outside of this nature remains king.  While the pull of the internet of the internet and shops seem to draw yachties into Majuro it is hard to shake the smiles from those who have “escaped” to Enamonit. Bodies fly into the crystal calear water almost before the boat is anchored, returning to the ocean that we all hold so dear. As a wise person once said, I’m not sure who, “the cure for everything is salt water”. It’s amazing how taking a few moments to appreciate nature can make stresses melt away. Nature always reminds us of our place.

Anyway getting on the title of the blog – we had an amazing evening last night with Jody and Bruce from Cava, and Larence and Mark off Radiance. I think Radiance must have the single largest array of instruments that we’ve ever seen on a boat. In the cockpit of Cava out came a guitar, a ukele, a few harmonicas, a fiddle and a concertina. I didn’t even know what this instrument was until last night but the sound was incredible. Huge respect for Larence and Mark. By far the star of the show for me was the fiddle. With the moonlight dazzling off the water, and the strings resonating, the moment was indescribable.

I guess music is sometimes like trying to ask someone to explain love. It can move you in a way that words could never speak justice. And it’s at times like these when you know you are exactly where you need to be. Right here, right now.

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