Land ho Kiribati

After 5 days on the big blue wobbly, or actually the big blue pretty calm, we’ve arrived in Tarawa! Four check-in officials just boarded Confederate, where they proceeded to make us first write our own forms, and then fill them out. Very professional! They also asked if we had a photocopier on board. We still can’t figure out where they thought we might keep a photocopier on our 32 foot pride n joy?

While we failed on the photocopier front, we made up for it in our supreme flag making abilities – Our homemade Kiribati flag proved to be quite a hit with the officials. Check out the photo – Ok so I confess Robin did most of the hard work, but I added the sun and bird this morning. As you can see we’re pretty chuffed with ourselves. ☺ Flag making has been a simple pleasure of recent passages – not to mention a good way to get back in touch with your primary school self. Ah the good ole days of arts n crafts, afternoon naps and home at 3pm. Speaking of naps.. we’ve been up since 330am watching the stars disappear, sun rise and land appearing on the horizon. Better get a nap in before some exploring later on today.

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