Day 1 – Passage Tuvalu to Kiribati

Beautiful start to the passage with 5 knots behind us and the spinnaker pushing us along nicely. Dolphins swimming with the boat again this morning. No fish yet, but no complaints. We passed Nukufetau early this morning, although at no more than 3m high it has quickly disappeared from view.

Before we left Funafuti we were lucky enough to get permission to clear out of the country but visit the outer island of Nanumea on our way to Kiribati. We should arrive in Nanumea on Friday morning which will break up the trip to Tarawa nicely.

That’s all from Confederate today!

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  1. tim kay /

    what bliss, we know what its like with the spinnaker up since we experienced that with you guys in Fiji

  2. Tim Kay /

    I checked out the Nanumea official website looks great, a very small atoll 4 kms sq and only 660 people, they probably all look alike !! enjoy and look forward to the photos

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