Crossing the equator yeaaah

This morning at around 730 Kiribati time we crossed 0 deg 00 minutes 00 seconds. Ye ha grandma. To be honest it was all over pretty quickly. It’s not like crossing the equator on land. You’re half expecting a sign saying 1 nautical mile to the equator, or perhaps at least a line in the water, but of course these never appear. :-) But we did jump in and swim across 0 degrees, a nice box to tick! And we also threw over a glass of Canadian club as an offering to Neptune (this is a superstitious sailor thing) – I hope Neptune likes whiskey.

Anyways despite the equator being a bit of an anticlimax it’s really nice timing as this marks the one year anniversary of Robin and my engagement. This time last year (Dec 1st) we were sitting on Confederate anchored off Oneroa, Waiheke celebrating. Now we’re in the same boat but at the equator! It’s incredible to think of how far our little house has sailed this year.

Feeling hot hot hot – these are some of the warmest conditions we’ve been in, and we’re now in the area known to sailors as the doldrums – a band of very little wind either side of the equator. Luckily today we have about 6-8 knots and we’re cruising along at at a reasonable speed. Looks like we’ll make landfall in Kiribati tomorrow. Ye ha. Looking forward to putting our feet on some solid ground once again.

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