Arrival in Aur Atoll

We finally tore ourselves away from the Majuro supermarkets and civilisation last night and are now anchored in Aur atoll, around 80nm north of Majuro. Yeeeaaa ha. It was a boisterous night on the water with 20 knot winds and very confused bouncy seas. I think that we were ceremoniously introduced to what is know as the “Marshall islands washing machine”. Anyway it all feels worth it when you pull into the lagoon and everything goes calm and beautiful.

About an hour after our arrival James, the local medical practitioner, was on the VHF telling us we are very welcome here, and please join them for their Christmas feast tomorrow. We just met James ashore and it turns out that the Christmas feast is on an island in the south of the atoll (about 1.5 hours from where we are now). So he will join us on Confederate tomorrow morning and we’ll head down to the island where his family is waiting. Apparently there are around 300 people living on the atoll who will all celebrate on the one island. Even though we’re sad to miss the family christmas celebrations in New Zealand this sounds like a good compromise. AND Robin has just put the turkey and potatoes in the oven for our chrissy eve extravaganza..

Wishing everyone a very very happy day tomorrow. We would love to be there, but alas the Marshall islands are not the easiest place to fly in and out of. We will be thinking of you all and sending much love as we enjoy the festivities here. Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas! What a year it has been.

Oh yeah and just a couple of pics.. Confed anchored in Aur, and James presenting us with a welcome basket of coconuts. Delightful.

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