Before Robin and I got together I stumbled across a book in an extremely random hostel in the back blocks of Bali.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw it.   The dogeared, well-read book was called “The Dove” and was written by a guy called Robin Lee Graham.  It was a story of a teenager sailing single handed around the world.  I savoured each page, loving the adventure and the things he learned about life along the way..

The book made quite an impact on me and when I got back to the Philippines (where Robin and I were working at the time) it came up in conversation.  Amazingly this small secondhand book that I’d found in Bali had similarly been his favorite childhood book.  The scene was set. We still talk about the Dove a lot and how it paved the way for us to embark on this voyage.  It’s amazing how what you read can send you on a certain path – so thanks Robin Lee Graham – 1) for sailing around the world and 2) for writing about it and inspiring us to do the same. Hopefully through this blog we can encourage others to follow their own dreams, whatever they may be.

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