Back on the road again – Day 1 Passage Kiribati to Marshalls

Ooops a bit of a lapse on the blog front.. We’re waiting until good internet in the Marshalls to blog with pictures from Kiribati so for now just an update from Robin’s log book…

We have just departed Tarawa, Kiribati, bound for Majuro, Marshall Islands. We raised anchor about 0730 and motored just 10 mins to get outside the anchored ships, then raised sail in about 15 knots easterly with clear skies. Caught a mackeral tuna on the way out of the main reef pass (~2 knots incoming current) which will feed us for a couple of days. Beautiful sailing conditions and currently on a beach reach doing 5 knots. Crew happy – Anna still feeling a bit poorly, but on the mend and on light duties.

1530 – Passed through a squall line (small front) at around 1300. Wind backed to N and about 15-20 knots. Some heavy rain but no strong winds. Went on for a couple of hours then wind died and motored for a while. Anna made a very nice fish pie for lunch. All is well onboard.

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