• The story of Margaret and Titus

    As we were sailing to Kala bay with our new friend Titus he told us the story of how he met his wife…

    Titus was based in Honiara, working on a fishing boat. On his day-off he was traveling on a congested local bus up the coast. Amidst the crowded bus he spotted Margaret and her companions a couple of rows back. He recognised they were also from the Santa Cruz Islands. They started chatting, talking about the villages they had left behind for work in Honiara. They said goodbye as they got off the bus. And that was that.

    Later that day Titus was at the market. He’d bought some fruit and was sitting on a grass area behind the market feasting on the fruit. Margaret approached, and gave him some bananas. She asked if he was single. He said he already had a girlfriend from another island.
    She asked, “Why do you want to be with that girl who is all the way in Malaita?” He considered this, and phoned his father to discuss the matter. His father was happy for him to marry Margaret as they had mutual friends and knew some of Margaret’s family. So that was that.

    3000 Solomon Islands Dollars was the agreed price. Dudley (Titus’ father) raised the money with the help of others in their village and gave the amount to Margaret’s family. It took some time to raise the money but those who contributed would also have any future children named after them.

    Here’s a picture of Titus, Margaret, Shonta, Lawrence, Elton and baby .